Division 2 Season Reflection

Division 2 Season Reflection

Division 2 Season Reflection

Written by Coach, Crystal Brookes.

What a great year of football delivered by the ressies at the Thunder Dome. This year brought us a complete mix of raw talent with a large amount of the team being new to the club or had never played football before. We welcomed some new players - Tawny, Jade, Wattsy, Alana, Ebony, Ella, Steph, Robbo, Cappa, Hanna, Kathy, Razor, Shenae, who all became part of the family quickly and showed they were ready to learn.

With so many great achievements throughout the year, the playing group should be proud of the standards they demonstrated such as perseverance, flexibility, positivity, competitiveness and support for each other. No matter the game’s result, the team’s mindset and spirit were always wonderfully positive. Good progress was made throughout the season for players at an individual level and the team executed some great passages of play in several games.

The team was steered well by co-captains Heidi and Ruby, who led by example on and off the field with some great footy and leadership. We had our first mum and daughter duo take to the field. A special moment for Rach as the leading goal kicker and Ella supporting her in the forward line getting more confident every time. Joining them in the forward line were Jade, Hoodz, Jodie, Cappa, Tawny, Erin & Razor.

With quite a tall and strong forward line with lots of experience amongst them, throughout the season they showed some creative game plays and even a few dance moves when they hit the score board The mids Torri, Samual, Shenae, Robbo, Jaz, Heidi & Dyer really found their grove creating centre clearances, switch plays and stopages all over the ground. With some of these players not playing these positions before it was clear they had united.

Backline was as strong as an ox- with Steph, Kathy, Alana, Hanna, Ebony coming into the team and some not playing before they really picked up what they had to do to defend and protect the goals. Stevo and Alyssa being OG thunder girls supported their game play and together they fought hard all season. Thank you to all the team volunteers, without you, we wouldn’t be able to take to the field.

Special mention and thanks to Jenny who did a wonderful job as team manager, ensuring all game day roles were filled / activities undertaken and for supporting the players and coaches.

And finally Rita- an experienced player who was wanting to take it 1 step further and was ready to learn from the coaching group. As the assistant coach for the year, Rita brought such a caring and supportive nature towards anyone who crossed her path, great ideas and just an all round great chick. Well done Rita on your first year.