Round Eleven

Round Eleven

Casey Thunder 1 vs Narre South Saints

Strathaird Reserve

Written by Head Coach Justin Redinger

Casey Thunder 1 played host to Murrumbeena on Saturday in what was a must win for Beena to keep their finals hopes alive. The game also marked a big milestone for Alicia Heins playing her 200th game in what has been an incredible career so far. With a strong wind, Thunder won the toss and were able to make the most of it in the first term. The first 5 minutes were a tight contest with plenty of physicality around the ball but with some great ball movement and use of hands. Thunder were able to start impacting the scoreboard through their forwards and managed to kick 4 goals and 3 behinds to no score to get the game off to a great start.

With the wind picking up slightly in the 2nd term, defines quickly became the theme of the quarter and Thunder were able to hold Beena at bay for most of the term with their only goal coming through back to back 50m penalties to give them a shot on foal. Thunder were quick to reply with Leesh getting on the board. Scores at half were were 5.4 to 1.3.

The 3rd term saw Thunder with the wind behind them and with plenty of run and spread got back on the board but with a little inaccuracy in front of goal, ended with 3.6 for the term. The last quarter was going to be tough, with the result of the game being decided already. To Beena's credit, they fought out the game and managed to kick another goal through some great gameplay, but Thunder were able to respond and get one back themselves.

Casey Thunder 1 (9.12.66) defeated Murrumbeena (2.5.17)

Best: Tameka, Courters, Rebel, Leesh, Katie, Nat, Kaci, Kdogg, Muzz

Goal Kickers:

Knuds - 2

Leesh - 2

Emma - 1

Rebel - 1

Lana - 1

E - 1

Monty - 1


Casey Thunder 2 vs Clayton

The Hunt Club Reserve

Written by Coach Crystal Brookes

Casey Thunder 2 played Clayton on Saturday hosting at home with a milestone game for Alyssa 'BANG' Kazi playing her 100th. As usual, the girls were up and about ready to take the game on - and that they did. From the first bounce the girls were looking alive, showing great ball movement around the field. With some good spread and link ups from the back line to forward, we were able to put a quick goal on the score board.

As the game went on, the girls showed some impressive skill, moving the ball around the ground, hitting targets and taking their time to find the best option. Even though Clayton gave us a great contest and the game didn't finish on our terms, as always I'm proud of the game the girls played. As each week goes on, they continue to find their grove as a team and always walk of the field with a smile and their heads held high.

Casey Thunder 2 (2.3-15) defeated by Clayton (9.12-66)